Iraqi Picnic Vocabulary

Because picnics are awesome. This is in Iraqi Arabic but it's not too colloquial that speakers of other dialects understanding wouldn't understand.

- hadha khawsh makaan - This is a good place
- la, hadha mu khawsh makaan - No, this isn’t a good place
- ee, hadha khawsh makaan! - Yes, this is a good place!
- aw-gif hina... - Stop here…
- jeeb as-shawwaaya - Bring the barbeque
- shinu - What?
- as-shawwaaya - The barbeque
- jeeb as-shawwaaya! - Bring the barbeque!
- sheel a-dajaaj, istewa - Pick up the chicken, it’s cooked
- istewa? - It’s cooked?
- ee, istewa! - Yes, it’s cooked!